Oct 28, 2019 09:28

Ongoing project: A new digital infrastructure for the Norwegian construction & DIY industry

By Ulrika Stroth Karlsson

1 million products. 700 suppliers. 1500 data updates every day. These are some of the challenges Byggtjeneste are addressing together with Avensia and Riversand. Byggtjeneste have embarked on a digital transformation journey to optimize the flow of information, increase the efficiency and enable smooth transactions. Together we are future-proofing the Norwegian construction industry, by streamlining tools and processes.



Byggtjeneste and NOBB

Byggtjeneste is Norway’s leading supplier of product and knowledge-based information between stakeholders in the construction & DIY industry. Byggtjeneste’s product database NOBB connects all players in the industry and sets the standard for transaction and documentation throughout the entire value chain. Suppliers add and update their product and price information in the database to provide their customers with correct information and allow them to find them easily.


The challenges

  • The database consists of more than 1 million products, and 700 suppliers are adding and changing 1500 pieces of information daily.
  • Many suppliers are not part of the digital infrastructure and are thus adding information using several different methods, from very different systems, causing data inconsistencies.
  • Legislation, classification & standards are constantly changing, as well as Market trends & Consumer demands.

In short – Byggtjeneste needed a solution that could handle an enormous amount of data and constant change.


The solution

When the discussion with Avensia started, Byggtjeneste were looking for a PIM system, but the complexity of the infrastructure they were looking to build called for a Multi-Domain Management platform - an MDM system. Byggtjeneste chose Avensia’s partner Riversand and their cloud native MDM platform for handling all of the domains in NOBB:

  • Party – organizational data
  • Thing – product data
  • DAM – Digital Asset Management

“We chose Riversand because of the Capacity, Flexibility and Performance their MDM platform offers” says Byggtjenestes COO, Ole Gunnar Honningsøy.

The partnership between Avensia and Riversand is beneficial for Byggtjeneste, as they get all aspects of their digital transformation covered. Riversand brings the innovative and cloud-native platform for managing master data and Avensia brings strategic advisory on how to structure data and optimize the use of the platform, as well as the technical implementation.


The first phase of the project includes:

  • Connecting all 700 suppliers to Riversand’s cloud platform by providing them with a web interface to the MDM
  • Enabling real-time updates of product information throughout the value chain. Product changes registered by the supplier side will immediately be available for retailers and customers in NOBB.



With a standardized data input for all suppliers, all data that comes into the database will be coherent, enabling high quality data through the entire value chain.

  • The digital infrastructure ensures better communication between Byggtjeneste and suppliers
  • Lower threshold for smaller, more analog companies to join the digital infrastructure
  • All suppliers get better tools with better usability, when handling their product data
  • Coherent data from all suppliers
  • All stakeholders in the value chain can adapt swiftly to changes in legislation, standards and classifications as well as market trends
  • High capacity & performance - data flows smoothly
  • Traceability – e.g. eco-labelling can be tracked all the way from the supplier to the end-consumer.


Endless opportunites 

This is only the beginning. Once the basis for the infrastructure is in place, the possibilities for Byggtjeneste are endless to extend their reach and create new services. This is the first step in the journey to future-proof the construction industry. Stay tuned for more news about the digitalization of the Norwegian construction and DIY industry.


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