Jan 10, 2020 03:52

What type of system and technology are used for online marketplaces?

By Ulrika Stroth Karlsson

In today’s world systems - ERPs, order management, back-end, front ends, middle ends - can communicate with each other much more easily than in the past. As systems talk to each other better and better, more fruitful collaboration takes place within and between companies. This collaboration creates benefits throughout the value chain - benefits that extend all the way to the customer.

The business model used in online marketplaces is called platform commerce, and is central to giants such as Amazon, Apple, Uber and Airbnb. These companies connect buyers and sellers at a global scale and are growing faster than we have ever seen businesses grow. The principal revenue model for a Marketplace is based on sales commission. When the sale takes place on the marketplace operator’s showcase, the operator takes a percentage commission on the transaction. 

Another upside with the platform model is that, even if the operator of a marketplace sells a product that is not its own, invaluable data about customer behavior still flows through the operator. Armed with that data, the operator can then find ways to improve the customer experience, and offer more products, solutions, and services that the customer expects to find.

Avensia works with French company Mirakl, who delivers a market leading cloud solution for online marketplaces, enabling any retailer, distributor or brand to accelerate digital commerce by offering more products and services from third parties with their own online marketplace.

The Mirakl Marketplace Platform is a powerful SaaS platform to quickly launch and operate your own online Marketplace.

Marketplace operators get an easy way to expand assortment and manage seller quality, while Mirakl automates the hard things. Sellers get powerful tools for promoting their products and managing their activity. Both leverage Mirakl’s scalable, flexible and secure API-based platform in the cloud.

Committed to ease of use, The Mirakl Marketplace Platform is a turn-key solution that’s easy to integrate into any ecommerce platform and Mirakl Catalog Manager makes managing product data quality simple at marketplace scale.

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