Dec 07, 2018 03:48

Black Week – buy without the bye bye

By Cecilia Granath

Black Week can be a nightmare for ecommerce sites. If they go down, companies can lose millions of SEK in sales. Shoppers go elsewhere, and brands could end up in the news – for the wrong reasons. We’re happy to report that our ecommerce customers exceeded sales, while our sites exceeded our customers’ expectations.

Our customers put in huge marketing efforts for Black Week, especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

One of our customers, NA-KD, reported over 110 million SEK in sales and hit sales record during two days of Black Week. More than 3,5 million customers visited the NA-KD site and 120,000 orders from over 70 countries were registered during the week.

Another customer gave Avensia credit for smooth operations during Black Week, as their site loaded faster than ever. During the peaks they received 13 000 orders from 600 000 visitors in 24 hours and 5,000 orders in one day (Black Friday) with conversion rates reaching 10% compared to the normal 3%. The client beat all their previous records and reached their goals on both traffic and sales.

A third customer, a major retailer went live as recently as 8 November with a Swedish, Norwegian and a European site, and despite thousands of orders, the site managed everything thrown at it without any problems.


80% lower response times despite higher loads

In general, response times on our customers’ sites didn’t increase at all despite having an all-time- high load. In fact, in certain cases, response times were 80% lower.

These results are the fruit of the efforts from our customers and hosting providers. Several of our customers thanked us personally for an extremely successful period. Their systems worked like on a normal day with normal load.


Watching the metrics

With increased traffic on our customers’ sites we kept an extra eye on key metrics. One of our ecommerce managers was particularly interested in the time it took to add products to the cart, and compared this parameter to different sites. It turned out that we were on par or better than sites of similar size and order volumes.


Card payments only issue

The only issue occasionally experienced by customers was when paying with cards. Card payments are however not within our control as customers navigate away from the site to pay before being directed back.


 The Avensia standby shift

Black week is the busiest time of the year for our ecommerce partners, and even if they were prepared for increased traffic, there are many factors in an e-commerce infrastructure that need to interact, so there is always a risk for unpredicted hickups. This is why Avensia offers standby shifts to work with site service just in case. This year’s Black Week went by smoothly, even though we saw an increased load  on our customers’ sites.


 Stable and future-proof ecommerce with Avensia Storefront.

One of the success factors for many of our customers was their investments in new and scalable architecture, by using Avensia Storefront. It contains the foundation for a modern and most importantly, future-proof e-commerce solution, and is equipped with streamlined system integrations, customizability and Azure cloud compatibility. Avensia Storefront is the easy way to establish a scalable and thriving omnichannel retail ecosystem.

Find out more about Avensia Storefront


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