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Dec 19, 2017 08:20

Retailers' loyalty programs are coming up short

By Jens Axelsson

Reading Malin Sundström’s call to action titled “Loyalty programs need to become significantly better” has inspired me to throw in my two cents into this much needed conversation; a conversation ignited by Robert Eriksson from Daymaker via his brilliant piece highlighting how retailers lose...

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Dec 13, 2017 04:10

Bug in production - is it important?

By Sigurdur Birgisson

Another experience from my Atlassian journey is about bugs. As a test and quality professional, there are always strong feelings about this one. Bugs are bad and should be disintegrated, fixed, prevented and anything in between, right?

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Dec 13, 2017 04:06

Testing is not an end in itself!

By Sigurdur Birgisson

It has been written about so many times, and in so many different forms. This is my version, which is based on my experiences as a consultant/contractor and my work at Atlassian. I learned plenty of things at that company, and a year later I have also been able to digest some of it, and I hope...

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